Friday, July 24, 2009

Lindsey Reif

Lindsey Reif’s hands and heart found their calling in early childhood. As a young girl, she assembled outfits for her Barbie dolls out of Kleenex and Scotch tape, taking special care in their construction so that the garments could be reused. Coming of age in South Dakota, Lindsey’s personality took on traits of the austere landscape surrounding her. Her fierce independence, resourcefulness and appreciation for natural beauty continuously manifest themselves throughout her life and work.

Lindsey Reif moved to Portland, Oregon at the age of 18, where her design interests took root in her love for vintage clothing and interesting textures. It was in this same period that she honed her sewing skills by repurposing vintage fabrics to create one-of-a-kind garments. With every piece she created, her sense of style gradually emerged and apparel design quickly became her obsession. Traveling through Europe as a child and a young adult reinforced her belief that beauty and functionality go hand in hand. Minimalism and neo-classical architecture refined Lindsey’s love of mindful design.

After graduating from Portland State University in 2007, it was clear to Lindsey that her future lay in apparel design. She began by working as a studio assistant for Chelsea Erhart, and later as a production seamstress for Emily Katz. These experiences perfected her construction skills and introduced her to Portland’s burgeoning fashion community. By early 2008, Lindsey released her first collection for the upcoming fall, which incorporated modern textiles and vintage silhouettes.

An emphasis on timelessness and versatility can be seen in her creations for Reif, with thoughtfully placed details and quality handcrafted construction. She fascinates audiences by infusing her collections with historical details ranging from classical Art Deco to 19th century colonial imperialism all while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

When she’s not meticulously stitching, she enjoys taking road trips, building her record collection, and ingesting her adopted hometown’s famous coffee.

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