Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heather Treadway

Master seamstress, Heather Treadway is a designer living in Portland OR. For the last 8 years she has been running the label “Paperdoll Fashion” and is now in the process of releasing her new sake line. Her designs are often described as soft geometry and ready-to-wear sportswear with a decided current edge. By incorporating delightful and functional extras in her clothing such as hidden pockets with zippers and colorful snaps and toggles, Heather’s complicated and innovative designs sets her aside from the crowd. Her materials of choice include: ripstop nylon, silk georgette, denim and cotton/lycra jersey. She has a hand in each piece she creates. In addition to designing, Treadway plays in the band “Explode Into Colors” and is in process of opening a new studio/gallery space “Second Nature”, 811 E. Burnside, with fellow designer Emily Katz. With inspiration from African/Brazilian/Caribbean music, drumming, drawing, staying in hotels, forests, Taos New Mexico, dance and the feeling of interesting fabric textures, Heather Treadway keeps her fans guessing.

*Photo by Minh Tran, modeled by Lia Richardson

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